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This post is not self-pity, just self-description, I guess.

Another blog post in which The Redhead recounts her struggle with depression and anxiety. Again. My blog. My topics.

Birthday: the 42nd

This year my goal is to be proactive instead of reactive. It's a pretty lofty goal, but why have shitty goals?

I just wanna fix things

Of course, I just wanted to jump in a fix everything. I'm the one who wants everyone to get along, even though I'm the same one who'll cut a bitch if someone crosses me. I'm a gemini/cancer cusp baby, what can I say?

Not so deep thoughts on 40

I turned 40 a while back. I admit, I had kinda been dreading it, but honestly, I was unsure exactly why. Perhaps I feel like I've run out of that gorgeous potential all young people seem to sparkle with. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Imbalance, Unfairness, and Things We Do for Love

But I do it.
I censor myself.
A lot.
Because I love those kids.
And one day they’ll turn 18 and then we can talk about whatever the fuck we want.

Old World vs New World

I was so inspired by all of the art & architecture I saw in London & Dublin. I was inside more than one 12th-century church, for crying out loud. Just walking down the street, I could look up at a... Continue Reading →


Yes, I take medication. Yes, it helps. No, it doesn't "cure" me. Depression still just shows up sometimes, puts its boot on my neck and I have to just keep going, like I'm not flat on my back, choking.

Luck? or Lookin’ Out?

Sometimes I wonder if The Divine is watching out for me in weird ways, or if I’m just lucky? For example, I got an oil change from a local shop recently. They didn’t reattach an air-intake tube of some sort,... Continue Reading →


I am often reminded that most men, especially men with lots of power, have NO CLUE how much privilege they have. The very idea of responsibility doesn't even enter into their equations. Tweet this hateful statement, touch this person without... Continue Reading →

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